Thursday, 7 June 2012

Watercolour Workshop - part 2

These are some of the exercise sketches I did while participating in Shari Blaukopf's most excellent workshop this week at MacDonald College in the west end of Montreal. 

The black and white sketches are value studies , done as a plan before undertaking a painting.  Shari put me on a colour diet and I only had three near primary colours to work with.  This is also a good way to achieve unity. This was a great exercise as it was also a jump from my little travel kit of hard pans to tube paints which where different hues from those in my kit.

The planning sketch also inherently addresses composition - not only fitting the whole subject of the page, but how to lead the eye and provide a point of interest.  I think I'll start doing 2" x 2" blocking studies on the left (backside) page in my sketchbook prior to starting a sketch. if nothing else it should keep me from running out of room on the page for the whole subject, as I sometimes do.

I brought away several other very practical little reminders and techniques to use as I continue to try and figure out to make watercolours work.


  1. I can attest that the colour of the painting was much more saturated in real life. You have to figure out the scanning thing. The value studies are little gems.

  2. Thanks Shari - I've been avoiding it, but I guess I'll have to read the instructions ;-)