Thursday, 10 May 2012

The Stamp Guy

Its a couple of months away yet, but I'm quite excited about attending the Urban Sketchers Symposium in July.  This is only the third one and it will be in Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic. The City  is a beautiful and historic Spanish Colonial gem, so there will be lots to draw.

There is a blog for the event and as a participant I have been able to post  a little profile and a few drawings.  This way, we all  have opportunity to get a sense of each other before actually meeting.

One of the organizers, Orling Dominguez, designed some passport type stamps as part of the banner for the Symposium Blog page.  I loved the theme and asked Orling for the art work in order to have actual rubber stamps made.  As the 'Stamp Guy', I'll set myself up at somewhere at the end of each day (I believe there is a designated watering hole) and be able to meet the 120 or so Urban Sketchers and see their work as they date their sketches..

The Symposium blog is:

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