Monday, 27 February 2012

Keogan Cabin

Keogan Cabin is one of the largest in the Park which is a good thing as it is also one of the most accessible.  For years it was my nightime destination as my son, Alec, was downhill training at Camp Fortune.  I do downhill ski, but its much warmer cross-country skiing out of the wind in the woods on a cold, dark night and Keogans always made for a good little jaunt while Alec ran gates.

On Sunday the conditions were superb.  Bright sunshine and around - 8C.  The trails were full of people , many with young children on skis, or in polks (sleds). My wax was right and I think my technique, such as it is, is returning as I had a terrific and fast visit here and along the Fortune Parkway.

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